Vegan Associations and Publications

The Vegans and Vegetarians Association
 – Vegan ve Vejetaryenler Derneği (TVD): As the name suggests, this is the association of vegans and vegetarians in Turkey.

Right now, they are the only mainstream legal entity focused on promoting veganism in the country and have been leading the vegan movement for a while. They organise the World Vegan Day events and the VegFest. They also issue the V-Label certification.

magazine: Veg&Nature is the official publication of the TVD. They cover the topics of veganism and vegetarianism, sustainability and animal liberation to promote a more sustainable and fair world.

magazine: Gaia is a publication covering the topics such as sustainability, women, LGBT+, human and animal rights, including veganism.

Freedom to Earth Association
Yeryüzüne Özgürlük Derneği: An anti-authoritarian association promoting animal liberation, ecology, women and LGBT rights and various other topics. Their policy includes promoting veganism and vegetarianism as a means of decreasing animal cruelty.

There are also a number of student clubs at universities and online groups about veganism.

None of the official sites above appear to have international sections as of the latest update of this article. If you are interested in getting in touch with these organisations and encountering any difficulties, feel free to contact for help.

Latest update: 4 January 2017 · ?